American Tourister Soundbox Beautiful Colours!

American Tourister’s Soundbox range is a fun design with its concentric circles that remind you of a loud speaker vibrating to your favourite song! No doubt where the name “Soundbox” comes from! It is a hard suitcase made of polypropylene which is also light as the large size weighs just 4.2 kg and packs 110 liters. What makes this suitcase unique is that every size comes with an expander zip to give you more packing space! 

This range is available in 3 sizes so you can choose your favourite size depending on how long your holiday is. The 55cm is the cabin size and great for weekend trips. It weighs 2.6kg and takes up to 41 liters if you expand it. The medium size is 67cm which means you have to check it in. This size weighs 3.7kg and you can pack up to 81 liters. The 67cm is perfect for a week’s trip. The largest size is a massive 77cm that gives you 110 liters and you can fit enough clothes for a 2-3 week stay. 

American Tourister’s Soundbox has 4 double wheels that glide smoothly, and the inside is fully lined with packing straps on both sides so you can fasten down your clothes when you are traveling.  For security, it has a TSA combination lock to help you secure your zips.

The expander zip allows you to pack more in your suitcase.

The combination lock is recessed and secures your bag.

The double wheels gives your suitcase smooth and easy movement.


Jade Green

Stone Blue

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