Samsonite S’cure – The Clip-Lock Bag!

Samsonite S’cure – The Clip-Lock Bag!

Simplicity is important in this Samsonite range. In the S’Cure range of hard suitcases, the brand has balanced it well along with every feature that is to be found in this hard suitcase. Samsonite S’Cure is famous for being one of the few clip suitcases from the brand as well as for its bright colours that make it stand out when traveling and at the airport!

The range is a 4 wheel suitcases and comes in 4 sizes; 55cm cain, 69cm, 75cm and the larger 81cm. 

  • 55cm cabin: A weekend trip
  • 69cm: 1 week stay
  • 75cm: 1-2 week trip
  • 81cm: 2-3 week trip 



Samsonite’s Scure range is a hard suitcase made of propylene material. The material is light and durable and has a matte finish with a dot pattern on the front of each suitcase. The shell is very strong and really easy to clean with a damp cloth. On the front you will find the classic Samsonite logo.

Surrounding every bag is a rubber frame gasket and is built-in to make your suitcase as waterproof as possible. This will prove very handy when traveling on the streets of Europe on rainy days during a European winter. The gasket also repels dirt and moisture from getting into the inside of your bag and into your packed valuables. 

The top has an adjustable trolley handle and each bag in the S’Cure range comes with 4 smooth-rolling wheels. Each suitcase also comes with a 5 year international warranty. 


To reduce the weight of the bag, Samsonite has kept the inside of this bag very simple. There are zig-zag compression straps inside that secure your clothes and packed things neatly. These are useful if your bag is not packed too much and helps keeping your things from sliding all over the place as you travel with your suitcase. There is also a material cover that keeps your belongings on one side of your bag and prevents them from mixing with everything else inside.  


What makes this bag unique in the Samsonite range is that it has no zips! This bag has a clip-system with a built-in TSA combination lock attached on the front. The combination has 3 dials for a 3-number code which means there no keys that you have to carry with you when wanting to open your bag. The lock is very easy to set and reset. On the sides, there are 2 clips as well that help in securing all angles of your bag. To open it, you need to open the central combination lock first and this protects anyone from trying to get in your bag without the combination. The lock is also a TSA lock which is the special lock you will need for all travel to and within the United States.