Samsonite Hi-Fi

Samsonite Hi-Fi – Helps You Pack More!

This new hard suitcase from Samsonite, the world’s biggest luggage brand, gives you extra packing space with its expander zip! Samsonite’s Hi-Fi range comes in 4 sizes for you to use depending on the length of your trip.  This new range is available in different, pastel colours and in 4 sizes. Each case comes with a 5 year international warranty. 

Coral is the colour that stands out for us! 

The sizes are: 

  • 55cm cabin: Ideal for a weekend trip
  • 68cm: 1 week stay
  • 75cm: 1-2 week trip
  • 81cm: 2-3 week trip 



Samsonite’s Hi-Fi is a hard suitcase made of propylene material. The material is ultra-light and has a matte tone on compared to the other glossier Samsonites out on the market. The front pattern has concentric circles that you can feel when you brush your hands over. Running down the middle is the Samsonite logo that is printed on a silver finish that gives this suitcase a modern look. 

The expander zip is what makes this suitcase stand out from other Samsonites! Sometimes when traveling to or back home, you will find yourself needing more packing space. Maybe you have shopped a lot and want to space to bring back all your new things? Perhaps, you are traveling for a function and need space to take your garments and outfits with? The expander zip in this suitcase allows you to broaden the size of your bag so you can fill more inside. It’s so useful! 

The top has an adjustable trolley handle and each bag in the Hi-Fi range comes with 4 smooth-rolling wheels. Each suitcase also comes with a 5 year international warranty. 

– The expander zip helps you pack more inside!


– 4 of the colours available


The inside of this bag has compression straps that secure your clothes and packed things neatly. These are useful to keep your belongings firmly inside your bag and stops it from falling over. There is also a material cover that conceals your packed things on the one side of your bag that also has a large zip pocket for you to pack magazines and smaller things. For cleaning purposes, the lining can be removed as well to give it a good handwash!


Every Samsonite Hi-Fi bag has a heavy-duty zip that runs around it that fixes into a built-in TSA combination lock. The combination requires a 3-number code to be entered and the zips of the bag cannot open without it. A TSA lock is a special lock that you will need for all travel to and within the United States. To help you spot your bag at the airport, go with one of the distinct colours as opposed to the standard black tone that everyone else travels with.