A Digital Scale Can Be Helpful

A digital luggage scale helps make your life so much easier. As airlines get stricter on weight restrictions, the onus is on you to make sure you are within the weight limits, both to and from your destination. The last thing you want to do is be forced to open your suitcase at the airport and start discarding things in order to shed some of that weight. It’s embarrassing and it will be one big rush as all that will be going through your mind are thoughts about not having to miss that flight! A luggage scale can be very handy and they do have their pros:

           1. Easily clips onto your luggage and gives a measurement in either kilos or pounds
           2. Small and light enough to travel with
           3. Many people in your group can share one during your trip

Remember, you’ll probably be doing some shopping or at least bringing back clothes, electronics, gifts and what not. What about those relatives who order stuff from Amazon and then ask you to bring it back because the extra postage costs works out too much for them to order it direct to SA? And what about the trip going up? I know when I travel, there’s always that someone who asks for me to take up a “small parcel” but then they drop over a package double that size and weight the day I leave!

These things happen. Stay prepared with a scale and you’ll be fine.

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