Inspecting Your Suitcase For Signs of Damage

Once you land, always check your suitcase for signs of airline damage. When you check in your bags at the airport before your flight, it passes through multiple hands and shoots before it eventually makes its way inside the cargo hold of your plane. This has to be done as quickly as possible to make time to offload the next plane’s baggage. And then load the next plane’s. And so on and so on. Along the rush it can get mishandled and damaged in the process. We’ve all heard about how badly damaged that one relative’s suitcase got on her flight. It can really happen to anyone. Investing in a quality suitcase is a no-brainer and Samsonite and Cellini have excellent, durable ranges. But while they’re strong, secure and resilient to most outside forces, they won’t guarantee you from every threat . You can go and buy a Mercedes S-Class and it will be packed with features and be great. But it doesn’t mean it can’t get scratched or dented if it’s hit by another car. Catch my drift? I’ve written down 3 easy steps for you to follow the moment you pick up your suitcase from the baggage carousel: 1. Adjust the trolley handle up and down to see it hasn’t been bent, broken or jammed. 2. Push your suitcase back and forth to make sure the wheels are still in tact. 3. Inspect your zips and condition of your suitcase for any signs of tampering or damage.

Most airlines have a window-period to report your claim. Save the hassle and get it done while you’re still at the airport.

If there are any issues you should report it at the respected airline baggage counter. They will guide you accordingly and each airline has a different policy with regards to repairing or replacing damaged luggage. Luggage warranties only cover the manufacturer’s faults. You’ve spent a lot on your luggage set. You might as well look after it.

I hope you find this useful.

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