The Instagrammable 2018 Polo Classic Luggage!

It’s sturdy and eye-catching and has all the important parts like pockets, locks, 4 wheels and zippers. But hey, how it will look in that arrival pic on your Instagram?

The new Polo Classic Double Pack luggage is functional with its hard body, TSA locks, plastic guards that protect the corners and expansion zip but also very chic and classy!


Polo have taken a new angle with their latest Classic range and have made a hard-shelled suitcase that has a trunk-like design, making it different to any other suitcase on the market. It has their classic prancing pony print that make this suitcase instantly recognisable! For protection, the edges are covered with plastic guards and there’s an expansion zip that lets you enlarge the size when you need more space to pack those boots and jackets!


The inside is a must-see and Polo have added in a beige lining that feels luxurious when you run your hand across it. The lining zips around both halves and neatly conceals your belongings so that curious eyes can’t see inside when you open your bag. There is a small mesh pocket here as well for important items that you don’t want getting lost inside your clothes.


A TSA lock is built-in on the side to lock your zippers meaning you don’t have to buy your own combination lock. The beige lining inside also closes over your packed clothes so that no one can see inside when you open it.


Available in a 76cm, 68cm and 55cm Cabin

The top has a soft handle for easy gripping

It comes with a free Polo luggage tag!

The beige lining inside