2018 Cellini Microlite Luggage Review

After many years, Cellini have come out with a new Microlite range that is now made of a hard polypropylene shell that is very light, bendable and also durable. What makes this range different is its body-casing that can withstand stress points which is new to the Cellini Microlite range because it has traditionally been a soft range of suitcases. This range comes in a 4-wheeler which makes it easy to move around and comes in 3 different sizes in the set. It’s available in black and green and each size carries a 5 year warranty.


The polypropylene material of the shell means the body is strong and can bend to withstand pressure points. There are horizontal grooves on the front and back that give it a modern look which makes you stand out when you’re on your travels.


As with hard cases, the inside opens halfway through the case and this allows you to pack your case full inside each half. There are packing straps on the bottom half that compress your clothes down and stop them from moving about and there is a sealable fabric that zips over your clothes inside the top half. It conceals your belongings inside the top half so that nobody can see what’s inside when you open up your bag in public. There are also little mesh and zip pockets that are perfect for packing important things like monies, keys and travel vouchers.


What makes this range unique is that it boasts Cellini’s Safe-T zip feature which is a double-layer zip track that runs one below the other and prevents anyone from stabbing through the zip and forcing their way through it. The cabin, medium and large sizes all come with this feature and the cabin size has a rubber tubing that conceals the zip completely. All sizes come with built-in TSA locks which lock the zips together to your bag. You’ll set your code using the combination while the keyhole is for the TSA to use in America.

Large Size: 76 cm

Weight: 3.9 kg

Volume: 98 l

Medium Size: 68 cm 

Weight: 3.25 kg

Volume: 67 l

Small – Cabin Size

Weight: 2.15 kg

Volume: 37 l

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