Why Invest in the Samsonite Curv Collection?

Many years ago, I never would have written much about this range because I simply did not believe in it. Is it not the same as any other suitcase but just looks fancier? That’s exactly what I though until I tested a set for the first time on my trip to the US. Travelling that time of the year to New York is pretty chilly, more so if you’re a Durbanite as we’re not used to the cold. I had to pack winter jackets, scarves, beanies and jeans to prepare me for the chill! These things all add weight in your suitcase. Suprisingly, I was still way underweight at the airport and that was because of the lightness of my Samsonite case. I was using the Samsonite Firelite which is a range from the Curv collection of suitcases. You don’t realise how helpful the lightness of this case is until you’ve actually packed in it. Now you don’t have to worry about being over-weight at the airport and on the return trip when you’re bringing back lots of stuff. Besides New York’s famous shopping streets, they also have great outlet malls where you can get the same brands at dirt-cheap prices. Google them next time you fly to the Big Apple.

The Curv collection of Samsonites have divisional packing inside, meaning you can pack your jackets and shoes on one side and the rest of your items on the other

Besides the weight, the Curv range of suitcases are extremely strong. To not bore you with the science behind how they are made, the suitcases are basically a material that is melted, stretched, woven, compressed and moulded to form each Curv suitcase. Remember those white grain sacks that merchants use to carry grain in? Take that ancient material and combine it with modern science. The process has even been trademarked by Samsonite. You can Youtube videos and watch trucks ride over these suitcases without them breaking.

Cosmolite is one of the ranges from the Curv collection

Samsonite Curv cases also come with a built-in TSA combination locks to lock your zips. The TSA stand for the Transportation Security Administration and they are in charge of overseeing all security measures in the US. When you travel to and within the US, these TSA locks are essential as the TSA personal at the airport carry the universal key that allows them to open your suitcase for an inspection that is done behind closed doors. Having TSA locks on your suitcase means that should your suitcase ever get stopped, they can easily access it with their key and don’t have to break open your own locks. Landing overseas to broken locks on your suitcases is a terrible experience to go through. I was stopped on my trip and they left behind a neat note saying my suitcase was inspected and call a helpline number if anything went missing. All Samsonite Curv cases come with TSA locks which is a must for all US travel.

Slightly slimmer than the other Curv collection of suitcases, the Firelite range has a rubber lining over the zip that covers the zip as an extra security feature

The Curv collection of cases comes with other features as well like internal straps to strap your clothes together, a 4-wheel system for easier movement and they all carry a 10 year global warranty which is a much longer warranty than what you’d find in other suitcases.

For a little bit of luxury, the Lite-Cube DLX range from the Curv collection has leather trimmings and comes with a shoe and laundry bag to keep these items separate from your packed clothes

Are Curv cases for everyone? No. But if you’re a seasoned traveller, they’re definately worth the investment. Our customers love them and they are our best-selling Samsonites. They’re light, strong, fantastic and no doubt, you’ll love using them as I did on my trip.

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